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Gait Analysis Questions

What is Gait Analysis?

Gait analysis is a method used to assess the way we walk or run. More specifically, we analyse a runner or walker's tendancy to pronate (roll the foot excessively inwards) or supinate (outwards).

Why is Gait Analysis and finding the right shoe so important?

Many runners like us love to spend many hours each week pounding the pavements. Each time our foot strikes the ground it supports a force of 4 times our body weight. To protect us, the running shoe brands have for amny years, developed cushioned shoes with varying levels of support to keep your foot and leg aligned to best deal with these forces. Our job here at Gaitly is to assess your gait, recommending shoe that will fit well, offer the best comfort and support you correctly.

Why don't you recommend minimal/barefoot running shoes

The theory behind barefoot/minimal running is that we were running around injury free long before runnign shoes were even thought of.
The theory is sound, we certainly didn't wear supportive cushioned running shoes until fairly recently, but we also didn't spend hours each week pounding flat solid pavements. Even today, we're really happy to recommend a minimal shoe for running on soft irregular terrain and indead, wear them ourselves.

Does my gait change over time?


Payment Questions

How much does Gait Analysis cost?

We have negotiated with the running shoe brands to allow us to offer Gait Analysis for free when you buy shoes from us. Should you choose to just have the Gait Analysis and shoe recommendations we'll charge you just £20.

When do you take payment?

Payment is only taken at the point at which you decide which shoes you are going to keep. We take a 'preauth' (in the same way hotels do) on your credit card when you submit your analysis and when you choose which shoes you'd like us to send. This helps us to prevent fraud and stops 'spam' videos being posted to us.

Delivery and Returns Questions

How are deliveries made?

Deliveries are made by either:

  • Interlink Express, part of the DPD group. Interlink can deliver to either your home or place of work. Interlink will provide you with a 1 hour delivery slot so you won't have to wait in all day. DPD deliveries are made next day in the UK.
  • or, you can choose to collect your delivery from any one of over 6000 Collect+ outlets.


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